Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Repair and Installation

rheem-water-waterHave you ever been without hot water for more than a day or two?
It’s hard to live comfortably in your home without hot water! LCS provides the following options for water heaters:

Maintenance Service:

A water heater flush cleans the tank of a water heater by removing sediment and build-up. Water heater flushes are recommended if the water heater is less than 5 years old or if flushes have been done in the past. It is highly recommended that tankless water heaters have maintenance completed on them once a year. There are more components in a tankless water heater so without regular maintenance, scaling can build up on the heat exchanger. Water heater maintenance can be completed at the same visit as furnace maintenance.


LCS Heating and Cooling can troubleshoot and repair all major brands of water heaters. Please note that during times of extreme weather temperatures, furnace or air conditioner service will have priority scheduling.


It’s common for homeowners to consider replacement of the water heater at the same time as an HVAC replacement. Standard and tankless water heater options can be included on the quote. Typically, tankless water heaters are provided as options for homes that have gas service. Tankless water heaters are costly for homes that are all-electric.