Indianapolis HVAC Annual Membership Access Club Benefits

There are a variety of reasons why routine maintenance should be completed each year.

One reason is that manufacturers require routine maintenance to keep your warranty valid and in good standing. This not only ensures that it’s operating properly within manufacturer specifications but also ensures that a part doesn’t fail due to negligence.

Just like changing the oil in your car, you need to give your system a boost! By getting semi-annual tune ups each year, you protect your home and detect possible issues earlier. Sign up for our Indianapolis HVAC Annual Membership to make the maintenance process more seamless.


Cleaning & Tune-up

for the air conditioner or heat pump and for your furnace.

Priority Scheduling

$30 Off Service Calls

Service call waived with $300+ repair during regular business hours

10% Off Repairs

15% Off Indoor Air Quality

(Humidifiers, Air Cleaners, Duct Cleaning, Smart Thermostats)

10% Off Dehumidifiers and Solar Powered Attic Fans

Discounted After Hours Rates

No Service Call Fee with Repair

During regular business hours

Parts and Labor Coverage on Most Common Repair

(No Deductible during regular business hours. After Hours Service $149)

Loyalty Program:

$100 credit for each year of having the Platinum Plan towards full system replacement (up to $500)

15% OFF Repairs

$100/Year Replacement Credit

Up to $700

Pick One:

Powered/Bypass Humidifier Maintenance OR Dehumidifier Maintenance OR Minisplit Maintenence OR Filters

LCS Asset 2

Add-On Options:

  • Add a second "Pick One" item for an additional $5/month
  • Add a second and third "Pick One" for an additional $9/month
  • Add a second, third and fourth "Pick One" for an additional $13/month
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If you are interested in protecting your HVAC investment, then LCS Heating and Cooling can help.


Contact us online or call (317) 203-8165 to learn about our Indianapolis HVAC Annual Memberships, or to schedule Indianapolis AC maintenance for your system today.