Did you know the AC contractor industry is worth $120 billion?

If you’re experiencing problems with your HVAC system, you’re going to have an easy time finding a reliable contractor to fix the problem. Sometimes, though, you want to get to the bottom of the problem before you call in a professional. For problems like your air conditioner blowing hot air, the solution is sometimes a simple fix.

We’re here to take you through a few potential reasons, and to let you know when calling in an AC company is a good idea.

Check Your Thermostat

This might sound obvious, but the first step you should take is checking your thermostat.

The possibility of you accidentally bumping the setting over to “heat” or “fan,” or the kiddos accidentally nudging it over, is always there. You should always make sure it’s set to “cool” before you look any further.

In other cases, your thermostat’s battery could be dying, or it could need a calibration. This can cause it to read temperatures incorrectly, resulting in your house being 80 while the thermostat says it’s 73. In this case, calling in a professional might be necessary.

Check Refrigerant Levels

If your thermostat is all good to go, then your refrigerant could be running low, which also potentially points to a leak in your system. You should check your levels. Unless you know how to handle refrigerant, call in a contractor if it needs to be filled up.

If there’s a leak in your AC system, they’ll also be able to help you find the source and put a stop to it.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

This issue can occur if you’ve skipped your annual HVAC maintenance appointment. If these coils get dirty, it’s going to prevent your unit from running cool into the house.

If you check the coils and they need a cleaning, just call a contractor to have your entire unit serviced and the problem will be solved! You also won’t have to worry about other potential problems popping up.

Does Your Outdoor Unit Have Power?

Finally, you’ll want to ensure your outdoor unit hasn’t lost power. If the outdoor unit has lost power, it’s not going to be able to cool air down, meaning you’re going to be stuck with hot air blowing around your house.

If this is the case, the first step is checking your circuit breaker or fuse panel. If the breaker isn’t powering the unit outside, then you’ve found the problem. If it is powering the unit, then the issue is best left to a professional.

Get To the Bottom of Why Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air Today

Now that we’ve gone over a few potential causes of your air conditioner blowing hot air, are you ready to get to the bottom of your problem? Whether the cause is one of these reasons or something bigger, calling in a professional might be your best option, and it has the potential to save you money in the end.

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