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(317) 203-8165

7-Star Concierge Service

We know you expect 5-star service. The LCS team is one of a kind, striving to provide service! Our highly trained team takes pride in providing prompt, concierge level service & clear communication through the entire process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Streamlined Processes

At LCS, our education and training has allowed us to refine and streamline our processes to deliver top notch, ervice, regardless of who arrives at your door or answers your call. Our clients take great comfort in knowing we have developed methods to ensure their time, home and family are respected.

Our Promise

LCS promises to give you our undivided attention beginning to end. We promise you will feel informed and understand the specifics of your situation. The LCS Way ensures you will be the architect of your own design to create your best lasting comfort solutions

Finance Your New HVAC
System Today!

The LCS team understands the importance of
a working heating and cooling system! Replacing
an HVAC system is often the second largest investment for a home, after the roof. When it’s time to replace your old, inefficient heating or air conditioning system, we can make paying for your new system a breeze. We offer multiple-tiered Indianapolis HVAC financing solutions to match almost every household’s needs.

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Our Customer Reviews

Brandy O.

My furnace thermostat flaked out after a nearby lightning strike a couple days ago, and my heating system switched over to emergency mode with no way to control it except ...

Zsuzsa B.

Good, solid service. They sent an email and a text with the photo of the technician who was coming to do the repair work. The technician arrived within the timeframe ...

Gary N.

I hired these guys to come install a dryer vent for my tenant in the basement. Travis came out and gave me a quote. He was very professional and knowledgeable. ...

Ruth T.

I was able to schedule an appointment with LCS heating and cooling before their busy season. Ryan was the technician who serviced my HVAC. I wanted to be aware of ...

Louise S.

Great customer service and delivered a quality product for a reasonable price. I have used LCS for work and personal needs and they always deliver.

Katie B.

We love LCS. We found them when we moved into our first home and needed a new furnace installed 3 years ago and they have been nothing but fantastic since. ...

Maintenance Plan

Indianapolis HVAC Annual
Membership Access
Club Benefits

There are a variety of reasons why routine maintenance should be completed each year.
One reason is that manufacturers require routine maintenance to keep your warranty valid and in good standing. This not only ensures that it’s operating properly within manufacturer specifications but also ensures that a part doesn’t fail due to negligence.

Just like changing the oil in your car, you need to give your system a boost! By getting semi-annual tune ups each year, you protect your home and detect possible issues earlier. Sign up for our Indianapolis HVAC Annual Membership to make the maintenance process more seamless.
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Emergency Service

(317) 203-8165

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Why have business and residents of the Indianapolis, IN are chosen LCS Heating and Cooling
for their heating and cooling needs over the last seventeen years?

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