Did you know that indoor air pollutants can have concentrations between two and five times that of outdoor ones? Since we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, the air we breathe is inextricably tied to our health. For this reason, it is vital to maintain the systems that deliver air into our buildings. That includes regular duct cleaning.

If you are looking for air duct cleaning in Indianapolis, you may be wondering when is the best time of year to schedule it. This article will spell out the pros and cons of lining up cleaning during different seasons. It will give you an idea of when is the best time to schedule maintenance and improve indoor air quality.

The Importance of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Neglected ducts can lead to many different problems. As mentioned, the main one is poorer air quality.

Beyond dust and debris, your ducts can accumulate pollen and other allergens. If there is mold anywhere in the system, it can circulate spores throughout your home.

Blockages are another issue with dirty ducts. These can result from the accumulation of dirt over time or from pest infestations.

Blockages make your HVAC system work harder and run less efficiently. This leads to greater wear and tear––and associated repair costs––over time.

Duct cleaning also gives technicians a chance to inspect your ductwork for damage. If they find leaks, they can repair them. This too will increase your energy efficiency while providing cleaner air to your home.

When to Schedule Duct Cleaning

The short answer to this question is that if you have not had your ducts cleaned in some time, now is the best time to do so. But, if you are not in an emergency, there are some other factors to consider to determine the best time of year for maintenance.

A lot of people schedule duct cleaning during the spring. This could be because they associate it with “spring cleaning.” It could also be because they have had their homes closed up for the winter with less fresh air circulating through them.

This is not terrible logic, but there are some reasons to reconsider this option. First, with the hot summer approaching, HVAC companies’ schedules start to fill up with maintenance and repair appointments. This means you may wait longer and possibly pay more for basic cleaning. The same holds for the middle of summer.

Also, your HVAC system is working extra hard throughout the summer. This translates to a greater opportunity for dust and debris to accumulate. Scheduling maintenance after the summer months allows technicians to remove buildup before you crank your system back up again during the winter.

There is also a built-in advantage to having ductwork cleaned during more temperate months, such as the fall or spring. This is because you are probably not using your system as much. It is less of an inconvenience to have the system shut down and if repairs are needed, you aren’t stuck with an extremely hot or cold home during the downtime.

Find Professional Duct Cleaning Near You

Now that you know the ins and outs of the best time of year to schedule duct cleaning, you can plan accordingly. Doing so will help your HVAC system run better, eliminate hazardous debris, and improve your indoor air quality.

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