If you’ve ever been in your attic during warmer months, you know it can be HOT up there. With all the heat rising from your home pushing up into the attic, and the sun warming the roof and pushing down into the attic, you’ve got the makings for a sauna. But, unlike an intentional sauna, you can’t control the temperatures in your attic… or can you? That’s where solar-powered attic fans can come to the rescue!

How do solar-powered attic fans work?

Solar-powered attic fans use energy from the sun to power a motor, which rotates a fan blade to circulate air in the attic. The fan helps to remove hot air from the attic, which can reduce the temperature in your attic and the workload on your home’s air conditioning system. Ultimately, not only will you lower the temperature in your home, but your energy bills too!

Are solar-powered attic fans worth the investment?

Two people lifting a solar-powered attic fan out of a box for installation into a home to cool an attic.Yes! After your initial installation cost, it’s only savings and benefits from there on out!
Energy savings: Solar attic fans are powered by the sun, which means they don’t rely on electricity from the grid. This can result in significant energy savings over time, especially during the summer months when attics can become hot and stuffy.
Improved air circulation: Attic ventilation is important for maintaining the health and longevity of your home’s roof, as well as preventing moisture buildup and mold growth. A solar attic fan can help improve air circulation by drawing fresh air into the attic and pushing hot, stale air out.
Increased comfort: By reducing the temperature in your attic, a solar attic fan can also help make your home more comfortable during hot weather. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that it’s hot on a home’s second floor; a solar powered attic fan can significantly reduce the temperature swing between floors by taking the heat load off the upstairs!

How are they installed?

Solar-powered attic fans are typically installed by cutting a hole in the roof and securing the fan to the underside of the roof using brackets or screws. (This isn’t a job for a casual DIYer… you want a professional for this to ensure proper installation and prevent damage to your roof!) The fan is then connected to a solar panel which is mounted on the roof.

How much do attic fans cost to operate?

Not a dime! Once installed, the solar panel does all the work to power the fan and keep your attic cool!

Attic Fans in the Indianapolis Area

If you’re ready for an earth-friendly way to reduce cooling costs in your home and increase your comfort, contact us to learn more and to get a quote for installation!