Summertime is such an enjoyable moment because you get to enjoy the heat from the natural environment. The fall is here with you now but who says the party has to stop? A furnace will do the trick; it will keep you warm whenever you need it.

Before heating the house, you need to pay attention to a few things. This is in the interest of your safety and your loved ones. Relying on a poorly maintained furnace might lead to accidents that you’ll live to regret for the rest of your life.

Take these steps before turning on the thermostat to warm your house.

1. Confirm If There’s an Unusual Smell

Dust settles on the central heating components of the heater when you don’t use it for a long time. So, it’s very common for the heater to emit the smell of burning dust when you power it after a long time. This smell should not persist for longer than an hour if your windows and doors are open.

Clean the filter and ducts if the smell continues for more than an hour. If the furnace produces other foreign odors, shut it off and call an expert for assistance.

2. Check the Carbon Monoxide Reading Before Heating the House

It’s important to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. This is because the heater could be leaking this gas and it would be hard to know without the detector. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and extremely hazardous to your health.

Check the carbon monoxide levels when you first turn on the furnace. If the level is above 30, then you’ll have to switch the heater off immediately. Get a professional to come and assess the situation promptly.

3. Listen for Unusual Noise Production

A furnace that’s struggling to operate will produce excessive and unusual sounds. This could be due to excessive airflow or the inability of the furnace to blow warm air. Such scenarios call for a little tune-up before you allow the furnace to run.

Look at the beaker first when you notice these sounds. A furnace will struggle to operate smoothly when the beaker receives insufficient power. If you can’t figure out the exact cause of the strange sounds, seek help from a technician.

4. Lower the Thermostat

Heating systems are notorious for consuming much of the energy in our homes. They are beneficial but they also leave us with high utility bills. Fortunately, you can mitigate the situation by lowering the thermostat.

Lowering the thermostat reduces the energy consumption by a small margin. If you add up the savings from these margins over time, they become significant. Use alternative options such as covering yourself with a blanket for extra warmth if you decide to adopt this strategy as one of the steps to take.

Enhance Your Comfort by Staying Warm during This Fall

It’s heartbreaking to discover on the first day of the cold season that your furnace isn’t functioning. Avoid trapping yourself into such situations by making sure in advance that the heating system is working. Ensure you remain safe by checking the furnace for any signs of malfunctions/hazards before heating the house.

Remember, it’s best to seek professional help when you spot any mishaps on the system. Doing repairs yourself might not yield the best results. Contact us today for furnace repair and installation solutions in Indianapolis.