Summertime temperatures in Fishers can easily reach the mid-80s. If you haven’t thought about AC installation yet, now’s the time.

When your old AC unit reaches its breaking point, it’s always best to replace it rather than try to find AC repair. If you don’t know much about the AC installation process, it can be a daunting prospect.

Today, we’re going to demystify AC installation by telling you exactly what to expect. As one of the top heating and cooling maintenance and installation companies in Indianapolis, we always strive to make the process as quick and painless as possible so that you can just enjoy cool temperatures and great indoor air quality.

Keep reading and you’ll see that AC installation doesn’t have to be difficult.

AC Problems

AC units last around 15 years. If your AC unit starts exhibiting issues like the air conditioner leaking or a lack of cooling, it’s best to type “AC repair near me” into Google and see if you can just get an AC and heating tune-up. If your unit is too old, however, they’ll suggest a replacement. 

Finding Heating and Cooling Near Me

To find a great AC installer, you need to look at a few key things. First, look at the customer reviews, which give you a sense of the reputation of each local HVAC company. From there, you can look into experience, licensing, and professional certifications.

When you choose LCS Heating & Cooling, we’ll give you a free estimate for your AC installation, as well as an AC repair free estimate when your unit is acting up. To ensure an accurate estimate and that you’re getting exactly what you want, we schedule an appointment to visit your home.

During this appointment, we’ll look at your current unit and take measurements. From there, we’ll ask you about your wants and needs, then give you all of the information about our equipment, warranties, energy efficiency, and thermostat options.

AC Installation Day

Once you’ve agreed to the estimate, we’ll put an installation day in our schedule and take care of the rest. When we show up, we always put drop cloths down to protect your flooring from shoes, dirt, and debris from the installation.

We start by removing your old AC unit by disconnecting ductwork, wiring, drains, and exhaust. Once that’s complete, we install the new ductwork and air-seal the connections before hooking up all of the new lines and wiring.

Outside, we’ll disconnect and take away the old unit and then place the new one on an equipment pad so that it’s away from lawn care equipment and snow. Installing the unit involves replacing the electrical disconnect and the high-voltage wire.

The last thing is adding refrigerant to the service valves and testing the equipment to ensure it’s all up to spec. Even after the new unit is installed, it’s crucial to get regular AC maintenance to keep it working at a high level.

Contact LCS for Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Now that you know a bit more about the AC installation process, it’s time to book your estimate with LCS Heating & Cooling. With prompt service and clear communication, we’ll take the anxiety out of AC installation and maintenance. Contact us today.