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My Air Conditioner Won’t Work! How Much Will This Cost Me?

My Air Conditioner Won’t Work! How Much Will This Cost Me?

A customer recently said to me: “I really hate spending money on my air conditioner.”  I suggested he not replace his air conditioner and just go without.  He said:  “Indiana heat and no air conditioning?  No way!”  I think a lot of people probably feel this same way.  We’d all rather spend our money on fun stuff but sometimes there’s just no way around an air conditioner repair.  So what can you expect if you need a repair? Of course, it depends on the problem and the repair needed but we can give you an idea of what to expect.

The service call charge covers the trip to your home (travel time, fuel, etc.), the diagnosis of the problem and the first 30 minutes of labor.  Our regular service call fee is $79.  If you have an annual maintenance plan with us, the service call is less.  If you need service on the weekend, in the evening or on a holiday and do not have an annual maintenance plan, that will cost more.  Either way, if you have a problem that can be fixed without parts and within that time period, this may be your only charge for the repair.

If the repair requires a part, we will give you pricing at that time.  If the part is covered under warranty, you may only have the service call fee plus a little bit of labor.  If the part is no longer covered by a warranty, we would give you pricing at that time.  The cost of the repair is dependent on the part that is bad.  A capacitor for example, costs much less than a motor.  If a repair is $300 or more, we would then waive the initial service call charge.

We are also asked if the air conditioner should be replaced instead of repaired.  Determining factors of this are the age of the system, if it’s under warranty and the cost of the repair.  A $200 repair certainly doesn’t warrant a new air conditioner!  However, if the air conditioner is older and the repair is costly, it might be worth weighing your options.  Many of parts work independently of each other so replacing one part on the unit doesn’t necessarily prevent another part from going bad.

We are always happy to answer questions about repairs and repair costs.  Feel free to contact us anytime!

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