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LCS Quarterly Promotion: Save On A UV Light!

LCS Quarterly Promotion: Save On A UV Light!

We’re starting the new year off with a promotion designed to clean the air in your home!  Flu season is in full force and with that comes bacteria and viruses.  Add to that the lack of fresh air due to it being too cold outside to open the windows and you just might start to feel that you are living and breathing stale air.  Well, it’s not just a feeling…you are!  Homes today are sealed very tightly so the air in your home re-circulates hour after hour.  Without a good filtration system, it’s no wonder that sickness seems to pass from person to person.

UV lights purify the air by using germicidal ultraviolet irradiation.  UV lights were first used in hospitals and labs to purify the air.  They are now used in homes, schools, nursing homes, office buildings, etc.  Just as UV rays from the sun are used to clean the air outside, UV lights are used in a similar way to clean the air inside.

UV lights are installed directly on the ductwork.  The UV light kills airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.  A reduction in airborne pathogens equates to a reduction in illness and allergies.

An added benefit to having a UV light is the elimination of odors.  As an example, imagine being able to paint a couple of rooms and not having to deal with the lingering paint odors and fumes!

Get your own UV light and receive 25% off the installation with the purchase or renewal of an annual maintenance plan.  Regular price on the UV light is $600, so that makes for a $150 savings!

Contact Renee with questions or to schedule an appointment!  She can be reached by phone, text or email.  (317) 430-1716 or [email protected].

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