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4 Reasons AC Maintenance Will Save Homeowners In Indianapolis, IN Money In The Long Run

4 Reasons AC Maintenance Will Save Homeowners In Indianapolis, IN Money In The Long Run

Keeping your air conditioner in good shape is the key to a comfortable home with good airflow. Three-quarters of Americans have air conditioning in their homes. With average highs in the 80s, Indiana residents know that on those hot summer days, having an AC unit that works is 100% necessary. What you might not realize, however, is that proper AC maintenance can save you a lot of money.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 4 reasons why this is true and give you a few cooling maintenance tips along the way. If you’ve just left your AC unit alone, keep reading and see why you should be taking better care of it.

1. More Energy Savings

When you have an AC unit that isn’t working optimally, you’re going to end up spending more on your monthly bills. Things like dirty air filters, frozen condenser, evaporator coils, and air conditioner leaking cause the unit to have to work harder to match the temperature on your thermostat.

You can check some of these things on your own. Air filters, for instance, should be changed every 90 days or so, while coils should be regularly inspected. If you can’t figure out why your bills are so high, contact a local HVAC company to have your AC unit looked at.

2. Less Spent On Repair

The better maintained your AC unit is, the less you’ll actually spend on repairs and replacement in the long run. When particular problems are allowed to build up over long periods of time, you really do run the risk of having an emergency where you have to find AC companies that can fix your unit last minute.

Even an annual inspection will do wonders for your AC unit. Your HVAC technician will come in and inspect everything we discussed above and replace the smaller cogs in the machine that will help it run better for longer. You’ll have a comfortable home and avoid spending on AC repair.

3. Better Longevity

An average lifespan for a central air conditioning unit is between 10-15 years, but with proper maintenance, it can go longer. That said, a unit that hasn’t undergone regular maintenance and has needed numerous repairs isn’t likely to make it to 10 years.

A full AC replacement is so much more expensive than a few AC repairs and certainly more than annual maintenance. If you want to save yourself thousands on a new unit and the cost to install it, then make sure you’re giving it the proper care.

4. The Best Technicians

When you build a working relationship with your HVAC technician, you’ll see a lot of perks. At LCS Heating and Cooling, for instance, we offer our new customers an AC repair free estimate and lots of financing options.

If you call us, we won’t just come and perform basic upkeep. We want to make sure your home’s air quality and HVAC equipment are going to stand the test of time. We’ve got years of experience helping the residents of Indianapolis with their HVAC needs.

Don’t Sleep on AC Maintenance

Now that you know why you need AC maintenance in the Indianapolis area, it’s time to call the best company for the job. Contact us at LCS Heating and Cooling to schedule your maintenance work today. With our help, you can save money on bills and costly repairs for years to come.

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