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Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

Keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently with preventive maintenance! Learn more about Indianapolis HVAC energy savings tips with our LCS Gold Membership or LCS Platinum Membership.

Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

Replace Your Filters

Has your system stopped operating properly due to a dirty filter? Are you tired of driving to the home improvement store to purchase filters? Our filter program, Filter Fetch, is designed to save you time and money! Order your filters straight from the LCS website by clicking on SHOP. Please note the quantity for each filter, as most filters come in a case. This saves time from having to frequently re-order and money as it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk!
Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

If you’re an LCS Access Club Member, be sure to ask us for a code to save 15% on your filter order! Shipping is free and your filters ship locally from the Indianapolis warehouse. By staying up on filter changes, you’ll ensure your system continues to run as efficiently as possible and you’re more likely to avoid repairs that are a direct result of a dirty filter and furnace.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat installed is a simple way to lower your energy costs and it’s important if you’re interested in Indianapolis indoor air quality solutions. Programmable thermostats allow temperatures to be pre-set for different times of the day. For example, it might be ideal to keep the temperature at 73 degrees when you are home but 70 degrees when you are at work or sleeping.
Fixing Hot and Cold Spots

Programmable thermostats have Adaptive Intelligence Recovery. They are designed to determine the amount of time and least amount of energy it takes to move from one temperature to another. As a result, temperature change within the program uses less energy than manual changes and these devices serve as excellent Indianapolis HVAC energy savings tips. Wi-Fi programmable thermostats provide the added benefit of being able to access and control your HVAC system through your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Install High Efficiency Equipment

For more Indianapolis HVAC energy savings tips, onsider investing in a 95% – 98% efficient furnace with heat pump. Gas furnaces and electric heat pumps allow your energy costs to be split more evenly. A heat pump efficiently uses electricity to heat your home until the outdoor temperatures fall to 20-30 degrees. At this time, the system automatically switches to the gas furnace which is more efficient (and produces a warmer heat) in extreme temperatures.

Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

What’s the advantage to having a 95% efficient furnace? With this type of furnace, 95% of the heat is distributed throughout your home and only 5% is lost through the flue. With an 80% efficient furnace, for example, 80% of the heat is distributed throughout your home while 20% is lost through the flue. Variable speed and/or variable capacity motors, as well as inverter systems, also play a big role in the efficiency and comfort of your furnace and air conditioner!

Additional Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

For additional Indianapolis HVAC energy savings tips, read on:

  • Caulk windows and doorways
  • Insulate attic 12-15″ thick
  • Change filter regularly
  • Open curtains and blinds to allow sunlight in during winter months. Close curtains and blinds to block sunlight in the summer months.
  • Remove leaves and trim plants so they are not growing into the air conditioner or heat pump.
Indianapolis HVAC Energy Savings Tips

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