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Making A Statement With HVAC In Indianapolis

Making A Statement With HVAC In Indianapolis

We love jobs in which the homeowner or business owner wants to make a statement. Maybe their home is in a historical district and they want (or need) the home to reflect that. Perhaps the homeowner lives in a condo and wants an “industrial” feel. Maybe the homeowner has eclectic taste and wants that to shine through. Maybe the restaurant owner wants to create a specific atmosphere for his customers. Whatever the job may be, we love the creativity and challenge involved in working the heating and cooling into the master plan.

We recently completed a job for a couple that purchased a home in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. The home was in bad shape; another house beside it has actually been torn down. This couple worked with their contractor and gutted the home. While they left some things in place, such as the staircase, they opened everything else up in order to bring their vision to life. As discussions started regarding the heating and cooling, they shared the things that they viewed as most important: An industrial look on the inside, efficient and quiet equipment, and humidity control topped their list.

We came up with a plan to meet all of their wants and needs…plus a couple of other perks! The finished HVAC project includes a Lennox high efficient 17 seer heat pump with a variable speed air handler. This heat pump is so quiet that when they step out their back door, they can’t hear it! A bonus to this system is that it is solar ready. In the future, they can add solar panels to their roof to power the heat pump. The Lennox communicating wifi iComfort thermostat also gives them the ability to control their HVAC equipment through their phone, tablet or computer. Many two story homes have a problem with temperature differences between the first and second floors. Their home will be zoned to drastically reduce temperature fluctuation. A whole-house humidifier was also installed to create optimal humidity levels throughout the house.

Now, on to the look. We used galvanized, exposed spiral ductwork to create the industrial look they were after. The ductwork is used in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and halls. It matches the look of their lighting and appliances. In addition, we kept 99% of the ductwork out of unconditioned areas. This will create a lighter load on the equipment during peak hot and cold days, resulting in lower utility bills.

The transformation of this house is amazing and it was a lot of fun for us! Who said HVAC can’t be functional and eye catching!?

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