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LCS Heating & Cooling has such loyal customers and we’re honored to serve you! Year after year, you trust us with one of the most important functions of your home—its comfort level. Whether your house is feeling too hot or too cold, smelling too musty, or creating too much static or dust, the LCS team is here to help you out. Your home should be able to give you a comfortable, indoor atmosphere for every season. It’s our job to make sure your HVAC systems are always on their A-game.

How do we do it? Well, we listen to your feedback! We make customer service our top priority, hire and train quality personnel, and take our business very seriously. It’s because of you and your referrals that LCS Heating & Cooling continues to grow. Take a look behind-the-scenes, and you’ll see we’re always working hard to earn more of your all-star reviews. Thanks for growing with us!


Easy HVAC Scheduling—even with HVAC Emergencies

What happens if your air conditioner or furnace starts acting up in the middle of the night? Or on a holiday? No one wants to wait for service! You want it fixed ASAP, and the LCS team totally understands. We’ve got a great scheduling system in place to help get these “HVAC nightmares” under control.

Our team is available 24/7 to take your calls. So if you want service, you’ll get it! Our customers always have someone to talk to when issues pop up—whether it’s with one of our office staff or one of the people with our professional answering service. If you need immediate service after-hours, the LCS technician on call will handle it right away. For non-emergency calls received after hours, the folks answering will take a message. Our office staff will then follow up with you the next business morning. Pretty easy, right?


Excellent HVAC Personnel and Quality Training

We take great efforts to seek out new, quality team members and only hire the best. Our customers deserve to work with awesome LCS employees, which is why we run every new hire through a background check and driver screening. Plus, each of our new hires meets with the owners, Travis and Renee, after 30 days and again at 90 days to ensure that their training is on track.

You are guaranteed to get the same high level of service with every LCS team member because all of our HVAC personnel are trained the same way. That same code of ethics that helped start this company over 10 years ago has been passed down to each LCS employee. Travis’s honesty and thoroughness with customers and Renee’s responsiveness are embodied by everyone on the team. We train our staff to uphold our high “LCS-level” of customer service, so you can trust that any new faces with LCS will be on par or even better than your last tech. We’re extremely proud of our team’s expertise and professionalism—we know you’ll agree!


Energy Savings Plans for HVAC Maintenance Customers

Last but not least, we’re pleased to continue providing Residential Energy Savings Plans (ESP) for ongoing customers. These offers include one annual heating and one annual cooling tune-up, along with options for filter changes, humidifier service, a tankless water heater flush, and UV bulbs.

Preventative maintenance helps customers get the maximum efficiency on their units at a minimum cost year-round. With service call discounts, 15% off repairs, and 15% off indoor air quality products, this package is a great way to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape through every season. And our ESP customers never get charged for any overtime work. An LCS tech will be on the job—at no extra charge—day or night for any of your emergency HVAC repairs.


The LCS future is looking extra-bright thanks to our loyal customers and new team members. We’ll only keep getting better as we continue to grow. Since 2005, our company’s service has collected dozens and dozens of rave reviews from customers. We appreciate your feedback and couldn’t have come this far without you! Thank you so much for being an LCS fan and for making us your favorite HVAC company in the Indianapolis area!

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