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5 Essential Spring HVAC Tips

5 Essential Spring HVAC Tips

In 2020, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services market held a value of $57.8 billion. Experts expect the market to exceed $82 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1 percent.

Nearly 90 percent of homes in the United States sport an air conditioner of some sort, with 75 percent of those having central AC units. But only 43 percent of those homeowners conduct yearly maintenance on their HVAC units. Those that do extend the life of their units by 40 percent.

Preparing your system for spring HVAC service will ensure efficient and cool operation as the weather warms. Here’s a look at five essential tips to get the most out of your HVAC system.

1. Change the HVAC Filter

The first thing to consider when conducting yearly HVAC service is to change the air filter. This remains one of the most important actions to take when trying to extend the life of your system and ensure its efficient operation.

Performing filter maintenance limits the airborne contaminants circulating in your home. Not cleaning your air filter forces the HVAC system to work harder, which often means higher energy costs and possible system failure. This should be done in your spring HVAC check, as well as in the fall.

2. Clean the Drainpipe

HVAC maintenance should include cleaning the system’s drainpipe and evaporator coils as well. Blockages in the HVAC’s condensate drainpipe lead to overflow and leakage.

Be sure to remove any debris, dirt, or dust from the drainpipe. To clear the pipe completely, use a solution of equal parts bleach and water.

3. Examine the Air Ducts

Another spring HVAC tip is to schedule an examination of the air ducts. Hiring a professional HVAC service to clean the ducts before you turn the air conditioner on helps keep the system cooling properly.

This cleaning frees the ducts of any dust or mold that may have built up during the winter. This also eliminates spring pollen or other allergens lingering in the system.

4. Inspect the Outside Unit

HVAC maintenance also includes the outdoor unit of the system. The exterior unit remains exposed to the elements, so it may have been damaged during the winter.

Your inspection of the outside unit should include checking the condenser for any damage. Also, be sure to clear any foliage or plant life that may have crowded the area. Ensure there’s at least one inch of clearance for proper airflow.

5. Test the Cooling Function

The winters get cold in Indianapolis, so it’s likely been months since you’ve used the cooling function of your HVAC unit. Test the system to check that cool air comes out of the vents once it starts working.

If you hear clicking or other odd sounds coming from the system, it might be time to schedule an HVAC repair. Check out the HVAC tips on our site for more.

Spring HVAC Solutions and More

Spring HVAC service is critical to keep your system running efficiently as the weather warms. LCS Heating and Cooling provides light commercial and residential services to Indianapolis and all its surrounding areas.

We’re the top Indianapolis HVAC company for air conditioning and furnace repair, sales, and installation. If you live in the greater Indianapolis area, and you need HVAC maintenance, contact us today to schedule a repair, get a quote, or more.

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