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Indoor Air Quality Testing: When Is There Cause For Concern

Indoor Air Quality Testing: When Is There Cause For Concern

When winter comes along, it often brings several sicknesses. Colds, flu strains, and COVID spikes often attend this season. Many people try to escape the sickness by retreating indoors for the season.

However, sometimes your indoor air quality can be just as dangerous as outdoor air. The reason often stems from a number of problems inside. These include dirty air ducts, mold growth, and other issues.

Because people spend so much time inside, it’s easy for these air quality problems to go unnoticed. That’s why you need indoor air quality testing.

It’s hard to know your air quality condition. So, read on to learn the signs of concern for your air quality!

Inadequate Ventilation Causing Poor Air Quality

One way your air quality suffers is if your house has inadequate ventilation. When inadequate amounts of outdoor air enter your home, pollutants have time to accumulate.

These pollutants can eventually cause health and comfort problems. So, consider increasing your air quality by expanding your ventilation. It may help to have professionals examine your ventilation.

Check Your Air Filters

Another way that your air quality can suffer is through your air filters. When outside air enters your home, your HVAC system circulates it through the house.

In the process, your air filters catch many of the particles the air picks up outdoors and indoors. These include pathogens, dust particles, pet dander, dirt, etc.

The problem is that many people forget to change their air filters. As a consequence, your filters cause your air quality to worsen.

How can you tell if your air filters need replacement? First, walk through your house and check the vents.

Do you see black dust around the vents? If so, replacing your air filters could help fix the problem.

Excess Moisture In The Home

If you’re wondering how to get better indoor air quality, consider buying a dehumidifier. Some places in your home have higher moisture levels than others. These moisture levels often affect your bathroom(s) the most.

Think about all the steam your bathroom has after your shower. That steam provides a hotbed for mold growth. Similar threats can exist in your kitchen.

Fortunately, you can combat the growth of mold with a dehumidifier. These machines help to regulate the moisture levels in your home. In doing so, they strip mold of its environment and improve your air quality.

Pollutant Sources In The Home

Finally, some indoor products and materials can worsen your indoor air quality. For example, many widespread cleaning products use harmful chemicals that pollute your indoor air.

Fuel-burning appliances, such as ovens and fireplaces, can pollute your air. Finally, tobacco products can also worsen your air quality.

Performing Indoor Air Quality Testing

You’ve learned what factors can cause concern for your air quality. However, identifying these problems won’t tell you the exact state of your indoor air.

Instead, you’ll need professional indoor air quality testing to find this information. If you live in Indianapolis, Indiana, give us a call!

We can help you determine your air quality and take steps to improve it. Contact us today to learn more!

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